How to find the right SEO Expert to manage your campaign?

Type in SEO Experts + (Your City) e.g. SEO Experts Sydney and you will find a plethora of options to choose from. From SEO Experts proving guaranteed results to money back guarantees and anything in between. But how do you know which one of these SEO Experts will actually provide results when it comes to handling your SEO Results?

Well, we have put together a list of questions that you MUST ask these SEO Experts before you choose one that is right for your campaign.

Do you provide guarantees when it comes to SEO?

If the answer is Yes then it is simply time to move on. For a starter, there are NO and we mean NO guarantees at all in the world of SEO. You see, Google and other search engines work on something called an algorithm which helps them determine the postion of a website on the SERP and no one knows exactly what makes up this algorithm. Not even the staff at Google. So, it is not possible to provide any guarantees when it comes to providing results on search engines. Google provides a list of best practices and good SEO experts will follow these practices to ensure the best outcome possible for a campaign that they are working on.

So in short, SEO and guarantees don't work. Time to move on to asking other questions in your list to the SEO expert who answers NO to this question.

How much do they charge for SEO?

So you will find a ton of options from the super cheap to the very expensive SEO Agencies. Try to stick to someone in the middle of the price spectrum. SEO is a time consuming process especially when it comes to link building. So if an agency is offering super cheap SEO packages, you know something is not right.

Can they show you the methodology and results they utilised for other campaigns they have worked on?

If they are forthcoming on sharing this information then this is a good sign. Also, try to gauge the different SEO strategies they have utilised for each of these campaigns especially when it comes to link building. What you should be looking for is diversity, i.e. they have used different methodologies to build links when it comes to SEO. One size fits all approach when it comes to link building is not the best way to go. Each client and the industry that they operate in is different therefore the link building strategy should be slightly different as well.

Are there lock-in contracts?

Given that SEO is a long term process and that most of the work is done in the initial months of the campaign, SEO's like to make sure that they are paid fairly for the work they are putting into the campaign. Therefore expect to see some lock-in duration. We would say 3 months is an acceptable duration with the option to exit at this point. 3 months is good enough to gauge an understanding of the quality of work being undertaken. At the 3-moth mark you should be able to see some movement in the shortlisted keywords, don't expect to be on page one but atleast close, say anywhere between page 1 and page 5 depending on the amount of competition that is within your industry. If you see decent SERP movements then you can continue to work with the agency.

Will there be regular reporting?

Reporting should ideally be done on a monthly basis and you should expect to see the ranking, backlinks built and any other fine details of the campaign in this report. It will be good if you ask them to show reports that they have created for other SEO campaigns that they have worked on.

That's it folks, these questions should be good enough for you to understand if the SEO company or the SEO expert is the right choice for your campaign. More about SEO here -